May 18, 2016

About Us

A little about us at Direct Waterjet:

It started with Trudianne’s creative (some called them crazy) ideas and her subsequent search for reliable and experienced waterjet shops willing to cut small runs from unusual materials.  The futile and frustrating hunt led her to purchase an Omax 5555 waterjet cutter.  Her life partner (now husband), Bill, had 25 years of experience as a truck technician and owned a web hosting & computer repair company. He added the necessary level of technical expertise to the venture. Local innovative, imaginative, and visionary minds soon began requesting development and prototyping services so Bill and Trudianne officially opened the doors of Direct Waterjet, Inc. in 2008. Direct Waterjet has been fulfilling those needs for people across the country – and helping fuel American innovation – since then.

Hours of Operation:
M-F   9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Central time)
Other times by appointment

Direct Waterjet water jet cutting services