May 18, 2016


We at Direct Waterjet offer many outstanding capabilities:

We can cut any non-toxic and non-hazardous material that can be cut by an erosive process. So… NEARLY ANYTHING! (nothing containing lead, beryllium, or magnesium)

We offer custom nesting with every job using the latest version of HyperTherm’s ProNest software, increasing your material savings.

Our cutting area is 53″x53″, and our table size is 70″x64″.

Waterjet cutting leaves an excellent surface finish with no heat affected zone.

Direct Waterjet is precise! Tolerances of ±.005” is standard – and guaranteed. We will recut any part not within promised tolerances right away and FREE.

Thanks to our Tilt-A-Jet compensating cutting head, parts cut from materials thicker than 1/4″ are virtually taper-free. 

Our Omax Precision Optical Locator gives us exact part/hole placement on your substrate.

We have 3 grit options (80 standard, 150 Minijet standard, 220 extremely fine edge) always on hand.

We offer 4 different edge qualities for minimizing expense and maximizing precision that can be mixed and matched on any part:

(Quality 1 – Not used since part separation can be a problem.)

Quality 2 – General purpose roughing out of parts. Used when tolerance takes a back seat to speed. ( ±.010”)

Quality 3 – Our standard. Good balance of edge quality & speed. (±.005”)

Quality 4 – Better surface finish and corner compensation than Quality 3 at the sacrifice of speed. (Better than ±.005”)

Quality 5 – Reserved for special cases when edge quality and precision are more important than speed. (Tightest tolerances possible)

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