May 18, 2016

Cut Qualities

To further explain about the different cut qualities we offer, each of the “fingers” below takes the same amount of time to cut. Higher quality number equates to slower cutting, tighter tolerances, smoother finish, and greater cost.

1/2" Aluminum showing cut qualities

1/2″ Aluminum showing cut qualities. Each finger took the same amount of time to cut.

The following are cuts from 1/2” aluminum at each of the quality settings using 80 grit garnet abrasive. The ball point pen tip is to give you a size reference.

 Quality 1 – NOT USED. Part separation isn’t guaranteed.

 Quality 2 – Perfect for parts requiring secondary machining.

 Quality 3 – Our standard quality. Unless you request otherwise, this is the edge quality we will cut.

 Quality 4 – High quality.

 Quality 5 – Tightest tolerances and satiny finish.

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