May 19, 2016

Parts Nesting

Want to cut your own parts but need some help nesting them?

$60 per nest.

One nest = one sheet/plate/skeleton and up to 10 part geometries.

For each additional part geometry per sheet/plate, add $10.

Complete within 24 hours.

Upon credit card payment, we will email back to you a DXF (ORD for Omax users) of your nest as well as reports showing the nest efficiency.

(At this time, pathing is not available for post processors other than Omax waterjets.)


To order nesting services:

Email the following information to

  • CAD drawing(s)
  • Quantities of each part
  • Material/skeleton dimensions (i.e. plate size, w x h) OR if you want for us to figure out best material size
  • Required separation between parts
  • Required plate edge separation (i.e. how much you need left between the material edge and the nest for fixturing)

We live in a 2D world; 3D nesting is not something we do.

Custom parts nesting

Custom parts nesting

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