May 18, 2016


Need a price? Ask for a quote!

FREE ESTIMATES with clean .dxf, .ai, .svg, and most .dwg files
(other files may require design time).


Low set-up fees: $45 per part or $60 per setonly the first time we cut the design or part.
Set-up fee counts toward our $85 minimum AND NESTING IS INCLUDED.

$60 per hour drafting/design fee – from photos, sketches, cardboard templates, or other file types.

Machining cost – depends on design, material type, material thickness, and edge/cut quality.

Custom Nesting Services – $60 per 2D nest for ProNest nesting only. (Nesting is included for all cutting jobs)


When requesting an estimate, be sure to include a drawing with at least one dimension (so we know it imported at the correct scale), material type, material thickness, and quantity.

(We can not give you a price without all this information. Thank you!)

Direct Waterjet water jet cutting services