The ornaments turned out beautifully! You do incredible work and I can’t thank you enough. I gave my wife one already so that we could hang it on our tree this year and she was floored. We also gave one to her sister and she loved it as well. I have a feeling that we’re going to come back to you very soon with another order. I also wanted to mention how great your customer service is. You helped bring my vision to life and you did it without so much as a hiccup or any push back. You worked with my design file and made it compatible with your equipment and didn’t even charge for the extra work. So nice. What I find really funny is that I’ve already received the ornaments from you whereas some of the other places I contacted at the same time about this project are just now getting back to me with an email response (all “no’s”). Again, thank you so much. Please stand by for a possible second order. Have a great day!