Thank you for all of the efforts on these projects.  It really helps me knowing I can get this done, and done well.

You guys are AWESOME!! I will have material to you Monday morning. I’ll email you a PO shortly.

I just wanted to thank you for the professional service.  The parts have been excellent with all of the ones we have measured thus far being within +/-.001 on our critical dimension and with all being within +/-.005.  You will be our first choice for waterjet cutting going forward.   We will also pass your information[…]

We’re extremely impressed with our parts!   I didn’t have a chance to tell you earlier so  I just wanted to let you know.     It’s been a real pleasure on our end to work with parts that have been cut so precisely – it’s a first for us.   So thanks!   Peter[…]

Trudianne, Bill,  I completed the project and it turned out great.  I will get you some images soon. Again, Thank You So Much for the great work and service!   Best, to The Best!   Tony

Mahalo Bill! Have a good evening and thanks for all the hard work in this. You guys are fantastic!

I really appreciate the flexibility.

Thanks again this was by far my favorite vendor audit.

Just wanted to say thanks for the parts we received. They look great and we look forward to working with you again going forward. Thanks also for the fantastic customer service. You have really distinguished yourself in this regard.

Thanks for your hospitality! I never really got a hug from a supplier before, and then you came and hugged me, too! (Just kidding, Bill). It is great meeting you two. The work you provide for us is excellent, and generally comes with no leadtimes. We appreciate the support.

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